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Our Story

North Texas Day of Giving

Read more about our journey and mission at My Sweet Charity, in a recent article titled: "North Texas Giving Day Booster: A Pair Of Socks."

In the Beginning

When the idea to provide socks to the homeless came to me, it was not to do something great or even to start a charity. It was to take a difficult time in my life and do something for others - instead of feeling sorry for myself.

I created 12 gift bags filled with socks, water, snacks and sandwiches, with the intent of driving to downtown Dallas to distribute. I happened to share my plan with a friend who suggested that I should have someone accompany me. A great and sensible idea, so I posted on Facebook and asked for someone to tag along with me. To my shock, not only did folks volunteer, but I received TWELVE CARTONS OF FOOD. On the Friday night before that first Saturday delivery, almost 100 bags were prepared for the less privileged. Not all the bags contained socks.

Hitting the Road

On Saturday, my friend, her young son and I headed to downtown Dallas with the car loaded with gift bags. Every time we saw someone who looked like they could use some cheer, we pulled the car over and asked “Can we provide you with some holiday cheer?” The expressions on their faces brought a smile to my heart and sometimes tears to my eyes.

As we were driving and not seeing anyone, I suggested we make a left-hand turn and drive towards the bridge. When we did that, we saw crowds of homeless people and my heart stopped. We pulled the car over and in about 5 minutes our bags had been distributed. Just then, a gentleman came up to me and said “Miss, my friend received a pair of socks, do you have any more?” I hated to tell him no.

The Movement Grows

Upon returning home I posted the story on Facebook and asked friends if they ever found themselves with extra socks to mail them to me. In the next few months, I received over 200 pairs of socks, plus cash donations. I then connected with a charity which gave me hygiene bags. With all these donations, once again we went to downtown Dallas and distributed over 100 bags - this time each bag contained socks.

I researched the necessity of socks for the homeless. Our feet carry disease when they are not protected, and so the need is real. I found that there are few charities which provide socks to the homeless. I prayed on my thought to start a 501(c). One Sunday before church, I said “God, I need a sign that you want me to start a charity.” That day, the readings and homily were all about Matthew 25:36-40. “As you did to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.” Qualifies as a sign in my mind!

We Make it Official

With the help of friends, “A Pair of Socks” was founded. We provide socks and other essential needs to the homeless in the DFW Metroplex. It may not seem like much, but I met a man who heard this story. He said, “I used to live under a bridge, and whenever I received a new pair of socks, I felt like I was again a part of the human race.”

If we can do that, one pair of socks at a time, then we have made the world a little bit better.


We have figured things out over time. Becoming a part of "North Texas Day of Giving" has provided additional funds. Requesting socks from manufacturers such as Bombas has allowed us to use monetary donations to purchase other needed items. And we are hugely grateful to Bombas for including us as a donation partner.

A Pair of Socks has also worked with existing charities who have clients in need to help us distribute the bags of clothing and essentials. Community Crossroads in Ft. Worth is a distribution partner, and we provide bags to the Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas - among others. We would love to partner with more! And we are proud that each and every dollar that is donated is used to purchase essentials for distribution. We have zero overhead.

In the News

North Texas Giving Day Booster: A Pair Of Socks - September 5, 2022

Would You Like to Help?

A Pair of Socks is graciously accepting online donations, give now.

Our Board of Directors

Becky Christoff

Becky Christoff

Raised in a small town in Wisconsin, Becky wanted to explore the United States and moved to Washington, DC shortly after graduating college. Her career took her through North Carolina and finally Texas.In Texas, Becky graduated from Dallas Baptist University with an MBA. The combination of attending a University focused on doing God's work, and a mother who loved God and had a servant's heart, Becky has been called to provide for the less fortunate. Becky is involved with multiple volunteer organizations including her church, and feels that providing socks to the homeless gives hope to God's children.

John Beatty

John Beatty

John grew up in the Midwest and his education has led him to spend 30+ years in various management positions, primarily in the HVAC industry. John and his wife Donna have 4 adult children, and in addition to his work with A Pair of Socks, John volunteers with the Juvenile Detention Ministry and Stephen Ministry at his church. In working with those in need and who are hurting, John believes that there is hope for each person, and looks to have an impact with individuals, one at a time.

Jeremy Emerson

Jeremy Emerson

Jeremy hails from the Pacific Northwest and is an artist who’s been designing websites since 1996. In 2009 he co-founded Saffire to build a software platform that provides websites and integrated ticketing to over 500 events, venues and destinations across the USA. As a Board member of Portland Rose Festival Foundation, Jeremy channels his passion for his home town by celebrating the arts, education and volunteerism. Jeremy has hope that through his involvement with A Pair of Socks, he can help positively impact lives starting with each pair of feet in need.

Austin Beatty

Austin Beatty

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